Contact Knitting for Nerds

Do you need to contact Knitting for Nerds? Do you have a cool new pattern, project, or product? There are 3 ways to tell me about it:

1. Message me on Twitter

The easiest way to contact Knitting for Nerds is on Twitter: @knitting4nerds. You can always tag me in a Tweet or send me a DM. Note: You do not need to be following @knitting4nerds to send a DM–I have it open to all Twitter users.

Click "Tweet to" to tweet at Knitting for Nerds. Click "Message" to send a DM.

2. Message me on Facebook

The Knitting for Nerds Facebook page is also open for messages. Please make sure to send an actual Message on Facebook. Visitor posts are occasionally lost in the list of notifications.

Click "Message" to send a private message to Knitting for Nerds. "Write something on this page" to make a visitor post.

3. Message me on Tumblr

The Knitting for Nerds ask box is always open on Tumblr. This option is really good if you’d like to remain completely anonymous. Make sure to check back on the Knitting for Nerds Tumblr to see if I’ve answered your question. Note: If you’d like a private answer, please indicate so in the message. Just remember that I can’t answer anonymous messages privately.

You can also message me on Tumblr if you’d like a more instant message-style experience. Or, if you’d like, you can submit a project to be featured on the Tumblr blog! I love seeing your projects.

Click on "Message" to send an instant message. Click on "Ask me anything!" to send me an Ask. Click on "Get Featured!" to submit a pattern, project, or product.


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